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Divi Development For Web Designers


Web Designer Assistance

Access To Unlimited Divi Tools (Plugins)

Maintenance Free WordPress


The Difference

We are Divi theme hosting specialists, managing your Divi WordPress development area in a fast, simple, and secure way. We have been using only the Divi theme for dozens of clients since 2014. Our support system has solutions for many different configurations including the Elegant Themes and other Divi Plugins.

Dedication to one framework “Divi” – Divi Up Club only supports WordPress websites using the Divi themes by Elegant Themes. This gives you the confidence that we can help you optimize, simplify, and support your websites under development.

Fully Managed – we upgrade everything: PHP, database, WP Core, Theme, and plugins. We secure and protect your development area using our ticket system we work with the developers to resolve any conflicts.

Secure – Divi Up Club will provide top-notch security for you. We go to great lengths to make sure every install is safe from viruses.

SSL – every website we host will have a SSL. We provide SSL at the server level with http:// redirects to https://. If your website has not previously had SSL then we will scan and update your website’s URLS. This will correct any mixed media issues.

Web Designer Assistance

Divi Theme and Child Themes

Every sandbox comes with the Divi theme already installed. We will assist with the installation of your child theme.

You do not need a license while you are on the Divi Up Club server. However, once you migrate to a server other than Shepherds Loft you will need to purchase an Elegant Themes membership. (Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.)

We will install your WordPress website with the latest Divi theme and plugins for you. If you migrate to Shepherds Loft their license will be added. If you migrate to a third party then you can purchase your own Elegant Themes Membership . We recommend that you do this immediately and no later than 30 days after migration. We will assist you with this process every step of the way.

Design Layouts

Choose standard layouts, included with the theme, or special layouts from Divi We will add the layouts from to your Divi Library for you and apply it to a page so you can jump right in. (We will assist you with loading your purchased layouts. However, we will not purchase layouts for you.)

Support System

We have a fully equiped support desk system to answer your questions, install plugins, help you find the “how to” article to get you through the next awesome website development.

WordPress Migration

To our sandbox
We offer free migration of your current project from any host to the Divi Up Club. Depending on your provider, it will take 1 to 2 business days. When we migrate your website, we will clean and optimize your database. We also make sure your website is safe by scanning and removing any viruses.

From our Sandbox
It is free to migrate from our Divi Development area to the Shepherds Loft production server. If you would like assistance migrating from our sandbox to any other provider there is a minimum charge of $89. Migration and assistance to a custom VPS environment can be substantially more.

Access To Unlimited Divi Tools

Plugins Currently Available

  1. Aspen Footer Editor
  2. Page Builder Everywhere
  3. Migrate Divi Theme Settings
  4. Divi Widget Builder – coming soon
  5. Divi Switch
  6. Divi Ghost
  7. Bloom
  8. Anticipate
  9. Monarch
  10. Divi Dashboard Welcome
  11. ACME Divi Modules
  12. Custom Fullwidth Header Extended Module
  13. Divi and Extra Layout Injector

Divi Plugins Coming Soon

  1. Divi Client Safe – coming soon
  2. A Mobile Friendly Divi/Extra Page Builder – coming soon
  3. Divi Overlays – coming soon
  4. Image Intense – coming soon
  5. Testify – coming soon

Maintenance Free WordPress

Just image earning 20% commission, doing none of the work and giving your clients maintenance free WordPress Divi websites! We handle all of the technical stuff, you get to be the super creative person that you are and the client gets a website that they don’t have to worry about.

Daily Plugin Updates
We will keep all your plugins upgraded. In addition to your Elegant Themes and Divi plugins we will also provide and upgrade your development area with supported plugins (link to supported plugins). If there is a problem with one of your plugins we will work with you or your vendor to resolve the conflict. If you need specialty plugins that are specific to your industry or business then will help you choose the right solution for your needs.

Daily Backups
Every development area is backed up daily to an offsite location.

Daily Cleaning
All websites are cleaned periodically during the week, deleting unwanted comments, optimizing database tables, and removing overhead.

Your website will be hosted on a shared clould VPS, not on a standard shared environment. We install each WordPress website directly on the Lynx server running Ubanto. No c-panel, just straight up wicked fast WP installations.

Happy Guarantee

If your Divi Up Club service is not faster and/or more secure than your current/previous hosting provider or you are unhappy with our service then we will refund one month of your cost. This applies to paid memberships only.
Quality Service
• We offer over 15 years experience in the web development industry.
• We have proudly helped many web designers overcome the technical challenges of development.
• We offer fully-managed WordPress services to keep your site in top shape.
• We are actively involved in the community, producing How-To videos, and educating people on best website practices.

Why Divi?

The Divi framework is beautiful! You can easily create professional layouts even if you are not a designer. The theme can be used for any kind of business, truly a multi-purpose theme fitting any occasion. If you want a jumpstart load layouts from the library. In addition, the Divi Theme has lots of modules that you can easily add to your pages, creating more functionality on your website. Elegant Themes is not only beautiful but very affordable, plain and simple. The Divi Theme also has a great community behind it with customization videos, example layouts, and more.

Marketing Power
Monarch by Elegant Themes is an easy to use Social Share and follow plugin that gives your website marketing power, allowing you to neatly add social icons which link to your social media accounts. Monarch’s social share plugin gives you options on where to place your social share icons, letting your visitors share your website with others. Their Bloom plugin will also increase your lead generation efforts by configuring multiple triggers with great design. We recommend that you purchase a license for these plugins if you don’t have one.

Affiliate Disclosure
If you migrate to a hosting provider other than Shepherds Loft then the Elegant Themes membership is required. (Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.).

    Earn Recurring Cash

    If accepted into the membership program you will have the opportunity to join the Shepherds Loft affiliate program. If you refer your clients to Shepherds Loft then you will earn healthy WordPress commission at 20%.

    If you are a marketer and want to take advantage of this huge opportunity then you can also earn 10% on any design referrals and not do any web design or hosting. While our expertise is technical we do have designers ready to assist you.

    How It Works

    You begin by filling out the Survey below then you will be redirect to the membership purchase page. After you purchase your membership account then you will receive an email with your purchase order and immediately be logged in. Once you navigate to the content area then you will be able to fill out a form to install your development area. You may only fill out the form as many times as you have a membership for. Your password will be displayed on the web page and you will receive a development URL to access your Divi Sandbox. The WordPress Divi development area may not be used to host a production/live websites. You will have to log into your sandbox before you can preview your website. If you want to share your site with others you may grant them User access to view it. Utilizing your dev area as a live production website is grounds for dismissal.

    Membership Pricing

    If you are working on more than one website at a time then enjoy the capability to add more development WP installs to your membership. Purchase 3 or 5 additional full equipped Divi WordPress websites to design in.

    Membership Options

    • Bronze ($15) – 1 WordPress sandbox with up to 20 Divi plugins at one time. (We will swap, add/remove plugins at your request)
    • Gold ($150) – Same as Bronze plus assistance with installing Child Themes and Layouts and migration assistance.
    • Platinum ($225) – Same as Gold plus 2 extra sandboxes. 

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